Translating emails into Japanese ?
     Making phone calls to Japan ?

Translation (English / Japanese)

・ Exchanging business emails with your prospected firms in Japan.
・ Sending a thank you email to someone you care.
・ Writing an inquiry to gather information.
・ Example of charges : approx.100 English words = 3,000 JPY + 5% tax

Making Phone Calls (English / Japanese)

・ After exchanging emails, telephone conversation will be more accurate.
・ Communication by Skype is also available.
・ Example of charges : approx.1 call within 10 min. = Telephone Charge + 3,000 JPY + 5% tax

Trust me. I'm good and have a lot of repeating clients.
We'll discuss the charges through emails before taking any actions.
Payment will be preferred by PayPal if possible, please.
My phone number : Call +81-90-3973-1232 (to Yuzo)
My email address : Click Inquiry for more information. Thank you.