Case 4   for Guitar Band

Basically this set is an upgraded version of Case 3 with woofer speakers for heavy bass sound, a channel divider, and an additional amplifier to support a drum set and a bass guitar. Since each ensemble requires a different set of equipment, we'll discuss the details and cost. The speaker output level is 300w from each speaker.

This YouTube shows you a unique way of rolling audio cables.

Approximate Cost (Please contact us for details.)

Time Length About 2-hour Performance
Setup & Operation With an engineer
Cost From 60,000yen up depending on
equipment used + Traveling Expenses + Tax
Traveling Expenses Distance Calculation

Category Number Memo
Mixer x 1 Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3
Amplifier x 3 Amcron XLS-402, DCM-L
Equalizer x 3 dbx 2231, HQ-231
Compressor x 1 dbx 166XL
Reverb x 1 Lexicon MX200
CD Deck x 1 Tascam CD-RW900
Channel Divider x 1 dbx 223XL
Front Speakers x 2 HK PR115
Woofer Speakers x 2 HK PR115
Stage Monitor Speakers x 2 HK PR112M
Wireless Receiver x 1 Shure SLX 4
Wireless Microphones x 2 Shure SLX 2 SM58
Dinamic Microphones needed SM58, SM58S, SM57, Beta57A
Condensor Microphones needed Rode NT3
Speaker Stands needed
Speaker Cables needed
Microphone Stands needed
Microphone Cables needed
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