Case 6   Recording

Audio and video recording can be applied to any of the above cases. For example, sound-record the whole performance and make a CD, video-record the stage performance to produce a DVD, or both. Also, editting can be added after recording as an option.

The clips below are extracts from an actual order from our client. The sound is line-taken from the mixer for both CD and DVD, so that it would not lose clarity of the recording. The motion picture is taken from the video camera and recorded directly to the hard-disk video recorder simultaneously with the sound from the mixer. Both samples were requested to be editted afterwards. We hope they should give you an idea.


Approximate Cost (Please contact us for details.)

Recording Time Length About 2-hour Performance
Equipment Added CD Deck, Video Camera, DVD Deck
in addition to what may be used in each case
Recording cost for CD 15,000 yen + Tax
Edditing cost for CD 15,000 yen + Tax
Recording cost for DVD 20,000 yen + Tax
Edditing cost for DVD 20,000 yen + Tax