Case 5   Full Set

Case 5 is a further upgraded version of Case 4 by having 4 monitor speakers for the stage with an independent EQ for the performers. It is an ideal environment where players can choose what they want to hear on stage while performing. Similar to Case 4, this set also has woofer speakers for powerful bass sound. Since each ensemble requires a different set of equipment, we'll discuss the details and cost. The speaker output level is 300w from each speaker.

Here's a super scratch technique on YouTube for your enjoyment.

Approximate Cost (Please contact us for details.)

Time Length About 2-hour Performance
Setup & Operation With an engineer
Cost From 70,000 yen up depending on
equipment used + Traveling Expenses + Tax
Traveling Expenses Distance Calculation

Category Number Memo
Mixer x 1 Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3
Mixer x 1 Soundcraft Spirit ES
Amplifier x 3 Amcron XLS-402, DCM-L
Equalizer x 3 dbx 2231, HQ-231
Compressor x 1 dbx 166XL
Reverb x 1 Lexicon MX200
CD Deck x 1 Tascam CD-RW900
Channel Divider x 1 dbx 223XL
Front Speakers x 2 HK PR115
Woofer Speakers x 2 HK PR115
Stage Monitor Speakers x 2 HK PR112
Stage Monitor Speakers x 2 HK PR112M
Wireless Receiver x 1 Shure SLX 4
Wireless Microphones x 2 Shure SLX 2 SM58
Dinamic Microphones needed SM58, SM58S, SM57, Beta57A
Condensor Microphones needed Rode NT3
Speaker Stands needed
Speaker Cables needed
Microphone Stands needed
Microphone Cables needed
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